As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I’ve been doing the music thing for most of my life. It started with guitar lessons when as I was 10 years old, singing in the choir, and its grown into this out of control “monster”  that it’s now become. I tell people not to feed the monster but they still do! I wrote some fairly good tunes for one or two of the bands I was in in high school. One in particular got airplay on CHOM FM in  Montreal in the early 1980’s, so that was encouraging but the idea of actually being a singer songwriter was one that took quite a  while to dawn on me. In 2008 I released my debut album: Perspectives, and subsequently released a second one called Horatio Street with Stephen Thomas Band. Last year we also released a 5 song EP called Forecast.

Putting out these CD’s has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for me. Of course its always a labour of love and often times it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (don’t tell me its been switched off due to budget cuts OK!?) I’ve been surrounded by a great community of family, friends and fellow musicians who continue show interest and support and help me create a bit of a buzz around what I do and so the next logical step for me now is to put out another CD – this time with an emphasis on the singer/songwriter aspect of what I do, and with a new distinctive style. I realize that the style is quite hard to define verbally – so I’ll be uploading a few short samples here so please stay tuned for those in the coming days!

Upcoming Shows

  • Nov 28th – New Edinburgh Pub
  • Dec 6th – Casey’s Restaurant – Private Party
  • Dec 13th – Hosting Rainbow Blues Jam
  • Dec 18th – Maloney’s Restaurant – Private Party
  • Feb 19th  – Duo performance with Tara Heft  at Winchelsea Restaurant
  • April 19th – Private Party


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